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The Process

Completing this Intake Form will add you to the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department’s database. Submitting your information does NOT enter you into lotteries for homes. Unless you check the opt out of receiving emails box, you will receive emails with information from the Housing Department including when homes are available for sale. This form must be updated annually. You will receive a reminder each year to make updates.

What Next?

Important! If you have changes to any of the information in this form, it must be updated prior to the opening of a lottery. You will not be eligible to enter a lottery if changes need to be made during that lottery period. No exceptions!
The Housing Department is a government housing agency. Our community has two private not for profit housing organizations as well. For more information about their programs click the following links:
Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust
Habitat for Humanity

Head of Household

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The Supervisor Questionnaire needs to be completed by your supervisor and submitted to the Housing Department and updated every 6 months to enter a lottery as a CSP.

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The Supervisor Questionnaire needs to be completed by your supervisor and submitted to the Housing Department and updated every 6 months to enter a lottery as a CSP.

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